Medical Benefits of Anabolic and Androgenic Steroid

Anabolic androgenic steroids are used to promote normal growth and development trepotik benefits include:

   1) Essentially, the growth rates of children with normal development (bone length) kullanılır.Ancak some researchers to increase, increased bone growth seen with increased bone maturation, growth potential, potential reductions in the last sonuçlanır.Anabolik bulmuştur.Bu steroids (abnormal excessive growth) tend to show young people, the last phase of development where retardant has been used.

   2) In children, weight gain increases.

   3) Various types of anemia treatment has the effect of enhancing the growth of red blood cells eder.Steroidlerin.

   4) Sexual behavior disorders, such as delayed puberty and most significant treat endocrine imbalances.

   5) In the elderly, increase the potential for physical activity.

   6) Natural or artificial kortisolların catabolic effects of adrenal corticosteroids resist.

   8) Sex determination (transsexual).

  Force the use of anabolic steroids to increase the development of lean body mass in humans and has been an important research findings have been observed in different individual analysis and findings of the research plan, as well as visit some of the results.

      Two important criteria for research studies on the effects of the individual's performance anabolics:

    1) Research plan, anabolic steroid-induced effects, been applying external factors? (Ie, the placebo effect, development, time interaction, individual differences, etc.).

    2) experimental environments, a theoretical physical performance of athletes prepare themselves better dietary ergogenic aid if can fit their environments?

   Anabolic steroids, a completely different subjects to evaluate fairly the contributions of physical development, when prepared according to the level of protein synthesis in high enough doses of steroids on alınmalıdır.Normalin enough to allow for a high-protein diet of amino acids together in terms of anabolics should contain.

   Many studies strongly as a result of anabolic steroid use, weight, lean body mass, strength and performance have steadily increased. In other studies, the use of anabolics endurance, body weight, lean body mass, and significant increases in aerobic capacity were recorded.

   Johnson, Win-May the force O'sheo and significant increases in body weight and lean body mass, but there is no promotion kaydedememişlerdir found. Bovers, shows the differences in strength and lean body mass, body mass, but this too is not an improvement, stated that due to water retention.

   However, the previously mentioned study plans, so uymamaktadır.Bu criteria specified in the operating results of the research analyzed the conflict occurring is important, the most attention değildir.Aynı çekenledir two studies met criterion.

   Stamford and Moffat, for a period of more than one month, and experienced work force that requires effort yürüttüler.Büyük form haltercilerle work together compared to her high protein supplements and high dose (20 mg.) And dietary changes to control the effects of Dianabol lar.Plasebo were used.

   The control group, only the group receiving the placebo group compared to the addition of protein anabolic steroid group, found that significant increase in body weight and strongly. Placebo group, the protein supplemented group showed significantly increase in the force. 5 '/ 7

   Freed et al, 10 mg of men weightlifters. And 25 mg. Studied the effect of Dianabol'un. For a period of six consecutive weeks, the athletes, along with a high-protein diet of anabolic and placebo. Relative to placebo, significantly increased the anabolic steroid. Stating that the increase in weight due to the increase in the amount of oil must be said that did not change the curve of the skin. Differences in dosage, strength, and weight gain did not create change.

   As a result, anabolic steroids, high-protein diet that requires great effort and the work force when the force and weight increase was observed in trained male athletes. Weight gain may be due to fluid retention.

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